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NEW! 3H Smart Dom Acupressure Infrared Bed

Why is spinal health so important? It may not surprise you to learn that the spine is, quite literally, the backbone of the body. It’s what allows us to perform every movement, from brushing our teeth in the morning to climbing into bed at night. What’s more, every one of our cells is controlled by our central nervous system and without the support of the spine, this is unable to function properly.
According to the National Institutes of Health, every one of us has an 80% chance of experiencing some form of back pain in our life. Spinal problems can be caused or worsened by a number of factors:
- Injury
- Poor biomechanics
- Muscle weakness
- Over activity
- Bad posture
- Standing for long hours
- Sedentary lifestyle
- Impeded mobility
If any of the above apply to you, it’s vital to stay informed and ensure you’re giving your spine all the support it needs.

Support : When our body rests, it’s the spine’s opportunity to rejuvenate and relax. To ensure it gets the most out of this time, make sure you’re using furniture which allows the body to rest in the most comfortable and aligned way possible.

Exercise : The core muscles located in our abdomen and lower back are designed to support the spine and take pressure off the back. Keeping these muscles active in a safe, regular and responsible way can be a great way of maintaining your spine’s health.

Massage : There are numerous health benefits to regular massage therapy, including increased blood flow, enhanced relaxation and easing tight muscles throughout the body. It can be an invaluable way of both treating and preventing spinal issues. Our products combine the most significant advancements in acupressure massage, relaxation and ergonomic design to provide users with everything they need for long term spinal health.

What are Far-Infrared Rays? FIR technology continues to achieve staggering results, rapidly gaining acclaim from health professionals across the globe. But just why is it proving to be such a medical breakthrough?
Put simply, Far-Infrared Rays are waves of energy which gently raise the body’s surface temperature, stimulating internal systems and functions. This brings with it a whole host of health benefits.

Better Blood Circulation : Through expanding the capillaries, blood flow is increased allowing more oxygen to travel throughout the body improving circulation and our ability to regenerate damaged tissue. This in turn, also helps to maintain healthy lung function.

Improved Complexion : Far-Infrared Rays have been known to activate sebaceous glands which in turn helps to eliminate excess dirt or cosmetics accumulated in pores. Gentle tissue warming has been shown to improve the health of skin cells.

Detoxifying : FIR treatment of clogged capillary vessels dissolves otherwise hard to reach hidden toxins. Research has shown it to promote the healthy elimination of chemicals, fats, carcinogens and excess sodium from the bloodstream.

Pain Relief : By relaxing auto-neuro muscles, the body’s nervous system is relieved of tension, allowing the body to better carry out its normal healing abilities. It has been proven highly effective in relieving muscular aches, as well as back, neck and shoulder pain.

Mental Health : This unique treatment promotes deep relaxation in its patients. FIR has shown to be highly effective in soothing stress and tension, granting a sense of vitality and better quality of life to those treated.

Stronger Immunity : Far-Infrared Rays increase the bone marrow’s production of white blood cells, strengthening the body’s immune system.

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